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Direction Learnings Arts 

At Direction Learning, we are proud to be working with Arts Awards to offer Arts Awards courses to learners interested in developing their creative skills. This can be in anything related to Arts. See the list of examples;




Art & Craftwork 

Public speaking & storytelling

and much more. 



We offer the following courses for the Arts Awards.


Discover Awards £50     - Pre Entry level 

Explore Awards £65      - Entry Level 3

Bronze Awards  £130    - Level 1 

Silver  Awards £ 170     -  Level 2 

Gold  Awards £ 230      -  Level 3 

What's included?

You will have an Arts Awards Adviser to support you the whole way through your course. So you can have as much support and guidance as you need until you have completed the course.

There is no time limit, and you can submit the work as much as needed before the examination. 


The Process 


1. You pick the Level right for you ( we can help if you need it) 

you then pay for the course in full or in two payments ( call us for this option) 

2. We send you what we need for you to pass the course. ( This is the evidence) 

3. You send us over the evidence via Google Classroom 

4. We go all the paperwork, assess it, work with the awarding body and let you know what your work is going to check externally 

5. They will then tell us your result; if you don't pass ( very unlikely ), You pay no fee and we will tell you what you need to do) 

When you pass, we will call you and tell you. Then send the certificate in the post Recorded Delivery ( look at your inbox for tracking number 

6. we ask you to leave a comment on your experience. 

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