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Direction Learning was established in 2021 and has set out on a mission to become an Outstanding provider for people looking to train in
Education and Training, 
 Supporting Teaching and Learning in School.
Assessor Training or as an EYFS practitioner.
We believe in using technology to our advantage to support you to reach your full potential. 

Join our accredited course and grow to be the best in your field today. 

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Price match on any courses we offer. 

T&C price match on courses which match the number of units and level of accreditation to a course at Direction Learning Ltd. Limited spaces. 

Below is a range of our course programs and online training. If you are unsure if a course is right for you, please email us, and we will help you.

We have accreditation by a nationally recognised body guarantees that your course will be of the highest standard and that your qualification will be respected, relevant and recognised.

A qualified NVQ assessor will assess your course work in units, and we will give you feedback as the course goes on. 
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Why pick us? 

At Direction Learning we know the real deal! We all have experience with schools and training and are now experts. So we believe we can help you achieve the best you and take the next step in your line of work. 

What is an e-Learning portfolio?

An E-Learning portfolio is a virtual showcase of your achievements, talents, skills, and experience.

Your employers and you can see how you're getting on with your course. It can also give your workplace a  chance to support you more.

This also makes things a lot easier to see where you are and your progress towards completion. 

At Direction Learning we are proud to be working with Laser Learning Systems. 
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All You Need to Know

Our industry is always buzzing with news and updates, and as part of my services I’m pleased to share some of the most relevant articles and posts. Stay tuned for more and contact me with any questions or remarks.



TQUK is a new fully regulated and highly regarded awarding body. There are many reasons why we wanted to work with them for example 

  1. Certificates dispatched within 2 days

  2. E-certificates dispatched within 24 hours

  3. Good quality information and have learners at heart.  
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Location & Vists  

All of our courses are mainly done online however, some require an observation from an assessor this is all included in the cost of your course so don't worry about any hidden fees as there is non at Direction Learning. 

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Online Course Program Details

When it comes to academics, everybody is different — we each have unique methods of learning and absorbing information. That’s why we do our best to design an online syllabus to accommodate every student’s needs and learning style . Contact us to learn more.

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