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Partnership program

We understand it costs a lot of money to get started training people in your business. So, we are here to help! 

We can provide a partnership program which will help you fill in the gaps missing in your workplace. We can help you set up an ongoing program without spending money on the setup costs and running costs as well as saving you time .... which also means saving more money! 


How can we help? 


·       We can assessor your staff to achieve courses to improve their work. 

·       We can also train your staff to deliver courses so you can have in-house training.  

·       We can take care of the administration side of things saving you time. 

·       We can do all the quality check required for you to run the courses in house or train your staff and be compliant

To name a few.

Whichever way you want to run with it if that's setting up your own in-house training or us training your staff in different courses at an amazing price we can help. 

Teamwork is dream work

Example  Normal training 

Staff Training needs 

2x  CAVA Assessors courses = Normally £1200 + 

2x Education and Training courses £1500+

1x IQA = £700

Awarding body cost £1800

E- portfolio platform - £1200

Total cost over £6.400 plus 

Example With Direction Learning 

Staff Training needs 

2x  CAVA Assessors courses 

2x Education and Training courses

1x IQA

Training Partnership discount £100 per a course discount. 

You made for a IQA from our team to come and do all the IQA work and admin work for £500 you can call us out as many times you like and we can support you online for £100. 

No cost for Awarding bodies as we will cover this 

No cost of E- Portfolios platforms as we will cover this in the cost of course fees. 

Total cost £3.900 for the first year playing for courses. Then £500 per a visit a year plus as many call outs as you need for £100. 

You could have 5 and 1 IQA visit a year and pay £1000 saving you over £2000 a year. 

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