Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism


Up to 6 Months

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The Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism Qualification is to enable you to gain a Government recognised qualification to work with Vulnerable children with Autism.

The qualification is accepted across the UK within Special Educational Needs.

Note: our assessors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with learnings with Special Educational Needs. and will be able to give you lots of valuable information.

This autism awareness course is designed to provide those who care/support for individuals with autism, as well as healthcare, teaching and social care professionals, with an in-depth understanding of autism, its spectrum disorders, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Autism is a very complex developmental disorder that takes time to understand.

This course explains in the most simple and effective way, the needs of autistic people, how autism affects social and emotional development, and how to provide support for those with autism. This course will give you the vital skills to support these learners and use the terms and language when working with other progressions.

The Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism Qualification is to enable you to gain a recognised (RQF) qualification in order to work with persons that have Special Educational Needs (SEN).

As an SEN Teaching Assistant or an Autism specialist, you are responsible for working with children & Adults that may have learning difficulties. It is the responsibility of each SEN Teaching Assistant to ensure children or adults with learning difficulties are taught in a way they understand. This qualification will give you that knowledge and help you develop those with difficulties.

SEN Teaching Assistants work under the direction and supervision of Teachers & the SENCO team in order to help promote effective learning and teaching usually for children that may encounter learning difficulties. They carry out tasks delegated to them by the Teacher in order to work with children on both a 1-2-1 basis and also taking small groups to support learning.

Course Contents

Unit 1 – Understand Autism

Unit 2 – Understand communication and social interaction with individuals with autism

Unit 3 – Understand how to support and manage transitions for individuals with autism

Unit 4 – Understand positive behavioural support for individuals with autism

Unit 5 – Understand safeguarding and resilience in the context of autism

Unit 6 – Understand the therapeutic interventions and support available for individuals with autism and co-occuring conditions.

Delivery Mode

This course is 100% online


Our Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism (RQF) Qualification is openly available to anyone wishing to become a SEN Teaching Assistant and has a keen interest in the subject, plus an intention to progress a career.

  • Students should have access to a computer and the internet throughout your study period.

  • Learners should have basic PC skills in order to use our e -portfolio

  • You should be fully committed to your studies.

  • Must be aged 16 and over